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I love Jimmy Swaggart’s music. I love the way he interpret and perform country gospel songs. Although I am not a member of his ministry, I still listen to his music. Here, I’ll share a list of Jimmy Swaggart songs that I currently have in my PC’s Music library.

The following list is in alphabetical order by album name.

At Calvary

  1. At Calvary
  2. O I Want To See Him
  3. The Old Account Was Settled
  4. The Last Mile of the Way
  5. Rock of Ages
  6. Never Alone
  7. Softly and Tenderly
  8. Jesus, Hold My Hand
  9. Glory To His Name
  10. Wondeful Words of Life

Christ Is My Everything

  1. There’s Nothing as Precious as You (Christ Is My Everything)
  2. Higher Ground
  3. The Healer
  4. Bless That Wonderful Name (Praise the Lord)
  5. Oh, The Blood of Jesus (Our God Reigns)
  6. Blessed Quietness
  7. The Half Has Never Been Told
  8. His Blood Still Sets Men Free

Down The Sawdust Trail

  1. Sweet Sweet Spirit
  2. Down The Sawdust Trail
  3. Rock Of Ages
  4. Our Lord Is Coming Back To Earth Again
  5. Crown Of Thorns
  6. A Song In My Heart
  7. God Will Provide
  8. I’m On My Way
  9. Had It Not Been

He Was Nailed To The Cross For Me

  1. He Was Nailed To The Cross For Me
  2. ‘Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
  3. Thank You, Thank You Jesus
  4. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  5. Oh, The Blood Of Jesus
  6. At The Cross
  7. Are You Washed In The Blood
  8. I Know My Lord’s Gonna Lead Me Out
  9. Amazing Grace
  10. There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings


  1. Living Where The Healing Waters Flow
  2. I Believe In Miracles
  3. Someone To Care
  4. Cleanse Me
  5. I Want To Be Healed
  6. Healing In The Name Of Jesus
  7. Rise And Be Healed
  8. Only Believe
  9. The Healer
  10. Touching Jesus

His Voice Makes The Difference

  1. His Voice Makes The Difference
  2. Jesus I’ll Never Forget
  3. Jesus Wonderful Lord
  4. O Happy Day
  5. There is a River
  6. I’d Rather Have Jesus
  7. He Whispers Sweet Peace to Me
  8. Free At Last
  9. I’m Going to the Meeting
  10. It is No Secret

Homeward Bound

  1. Leavin’ On My Mind
  2. I See Jesus
  3. Heaven’s Jubilee
  4. It’s A Privilege
  5. Let Me Lose Myself And Find It Lord In Thee
  6. It’s Over Now
  7. Gone
  8. I’ll Be Satisfied
  9. I Was On My Way
  10. Reach Out And Touch The Lord

How Wonderful Your Name

  1. How Wonderful Your Name
  2. A Dancing Heart
  3. The Waters Are Troubled
  4. Love Held My Savior
  5. The Cross Is Not Greater
  6. We Are Heirs
  7. Each Step Of The Way
  8. Through The Blood Into Your Presence

I Met The Master

  1. I Met The Master
  2. How Long Has It Been
  3. I’ll Fly Away
  4. A Crown Of Thorns
  5. I Met the Master
  6. No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus
  7. He Washed My Eyes With Tears
  8. We’re Almost Home
  9. Do You Know My Jesus
  10. Holy, Holy, Holy

I’ll Never Be Lonely Again

  1. I’ll Never Be Lonely Again
  2. I’ve Had A Vision Of Jesus
  3. Life’s Railway To Heaven
  4. Some Golden Daybreak
  5. His Hand In Mine
  6. Only Jesus Can Satisify Your Soul
  7. Standing On The Promises
  8. Friendship With Jesus
  9. We’ll Talk It Over

Instrumental Favorites

  1. There Is A River (Instrumental)
  2. On The Jericho Road
  3. He Looked Beyond My Fault (Instrumental)
  4. Love Lifted Me (Instrumental)
  5. Who Am I
  6. Sometimes Alleluia
  7. He Abides (Instrumental)
  8. No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus (Instrumental)
  9. Blessed Assurance (Instrumental)

It Matters To Him About You

  1. It Matters To Him About You
  2. Kneel At The Cross
  3. Just To Have A Touch (Medley)
  4. We’ll Understand It Better
  5. Got Any Rivers
  6. Come, Holy Spirit
  7. Victory
  8. My Saviour First Of All

It’s Beginning to Rain

  1. Finally Home
  2. Glory to His Name
  3. He’ll Calm Your Storms
  4. It’s Beginning to Rain
  5. He’s Coming Back
  6. We Shall See Jesus
  7. He That the Son Hath Set Free
  8. Bring All Your Needs to the Altar

Jesus Be Jesus In Me

  1. Lift Up The Name Of Jesus
  2. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  3. Precious Jesus
  4. How Much More
  5. Jesus Be Jesus In Me
  6. It’ll Be All Right
  7. Jesus Is Coming Back
  8. Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

Jesus, Just The Mention Of Your Name

  1. Jesus, Just The Mention Of Your Name
  2. I Owe It All To Jesus
  3. Jesus Now More Than Ever
  4. Learning To Just Believe
  5. Only For His Eyes
  6. The Potter (Don’t Let Me See)
  7. More Of You
  8. Headin’ Home

Joy Comes In The Morning

  1. Gettin’ Heaven Ready
  2. Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet
  3. Set Another Place At The Table
  4. Precious Love
  5. Get On The Gospel Ship
  6. You’re Still The Lord
  7. Joy Comes In The Morning
  8. He’s My Lord

Living Waters

  1. He Chose Me
  2. He Grew the Tree
  3. Let Your Love Flow Through Me
  4. He Was There All the Time
  5. Let Your Living Water Flow
  6. Look for Me
  7. I Praise You
  8. Unworthy of the Blood

Looking For A City

  1. Looking For A City
  2. O, Say But I’m Glad
  3. Let Me Touch Jesus
  4. No Not One
  5. Royal Telephone
  6. Mercy Rewrote My Life
  7. Praise Him
  8. We’ll Never Grow Old
  9. Just A Little While
  10. Harvest Time


  1. Where The Roses Never Fade
  2. God Took Away My Yesterday
  3. I See A Crimson Stream
  4. Some Golden Daybreak
  5. His Hand In Mine
  6. The Most Important Thing
  7. In The Shelter Of His Arms
  8. He Bought My Soul
  9. I’m Nearer Home Than I Was Yesterday
  10. I’ll Never Be Lonely Again

More About Jesus

  1. More About Jesus
  2. Come Unto Me
  3. There’s A River Of Life
  4. When I See The Blood
  5. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  6. I Must Tell Jesus
  7. Oh Say But I’m Glad
  8. Operator (Royal Telephone)
  9. Jesus Saves!
  10. Haven Of Rest

My God Is Real

  1. Pass Me Not
  2. My God Is Real
  3. Our Lord’s Return to Earth
  4. There’ll Be Peace In The Valley
  5. Jesus Is The One
  6. O Rock Of Ages, Hide Thou Me
  7. The Old Rugged Cross
  8. Jesus On The Mainline
  9. Job’s God Is True
  10. There Is A Fountain

One More Time… Live

  1. Since I Laid My Burdens Down
  2. Never Been This Homesick Before
  3. Win the Lost
  4. I Praise You
  5. I See Jesus, Standing at the
  6. More of You
  7. Where Could I Go But to the Lord
  8. Tis’ So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
  9. Congratulations Are in Order
  10. The Galilean
  11. We’ll Talk It Over
  12. Unworthy of the Blood
  13. The Lighthouse

Sometimes Alleluia

  1. Sometimes Alleluia
  2. Just A Little Talk With Jesus
  3. What A Lovely Name
  4. I Know My Lord ‘s Gonna Lead Me Out
  5. He’s Never Failed Me Yet
  6. Goodbye World Goodbye
  7. When I Get To The End Of The Way
  8. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
  9. I’m Going Through
  10. His Love Has Never Failed

Somewhere Listenin’

  1. I’ll Be Somewhere Listenin’ For My Name
  2. I’m Gonna Love Him
  3. Congratulations Are In Order
  4. The Unclouded Day
  5. Wonderful Words Of Life
  6. Come, Holy Spirit
  7. Joy Unspeakable
  8. In The Shadow Of The Cross
  9. I Love My Saviour
  10. An Empty Mansion

Songs of Praise

  1. No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus
  2. Praise God I Am Free
  3. Friendship With Jesus
  4. Thank You Lord, For Saving My Soul
  5. Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know
  6. I’ve Never Loved Him Better Than Today
  7. I Want To Praise The Lord
  8. Oh, How I Love Jesus
  9. The Joy That Came To Me
  10. What A Day That Will Be

Sweet Anointing

  1. Sweet Anointing
  2. Gone At Last
  3. Jesus Found Me
  4. Holy Ground
  5. Let Down Your Net
  6. Heaven
  7. One More River
  8. Touch Through Me

The Jimmy Swaggart Jesus Band

  1. He Holds My Hand
  2. Ten Thousand Years
  3. When We All Get To Heaven
  4. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  5. Goodbye World Goodbye
  6. Haven Of Rest
  7. I’ve Got That Old Time Religion
  8. Looking For A City
  9. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  10. Meeting In The Air

The Message Of His Coming

  1. The Message Of His Coming
  2. Calvary’s The Reason Why
  3. He Touched Me
  4. More Than Anything
  5. The Love Of Jesus
  6. Love Lifted Me
  7. To Be Used Of God
  8. In The Garden
  9. I Am Redeemed
  10. Have Thine Own Way, Lord

The Windows Of Heaven Are Open

  1. The Windows of Heaven are Open
  2. Now I Have Everything
  3. Sweet Sweet Spirit
  4. I’ve Just Come To Praise The Lord
  5. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  6. I Am Thine O Lord
  7. I Don’t Need to Understand
  8. I’m Bound for That City
  9. Yes, I Know
  10. Where Could I Go But to The Lord
  11. Blessed Assurance

Then Jesus Came

  1. Then Jesus Came
  2. I Claim Jesus First
  3. He Bought My Soul
  4. He Abides
  5. I See A Crimson Stream of Blood
  6. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
  7. Near The Cross
  8. Come Holy Spirit
  9. The Best of the Trade
  10. When I Get To The End Of The Way

There Is Room At The Cross For You

  1. Where No One Stands Alone
  2. I Would Not Be Denied
  3. Farther Along
  4. I Shall Not Be Moved
  5. Lord, I Need You
  6. I Saw A Man
  7. New Name Over In Zion
  8. The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference
  9. Someone To Care
  10. There is Room At The Cross For You

This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me

  1. This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
  2. Jesus My All In All
  3. I’m Walking A New Road
  4. Who Am I
  5. If God Is Dead
  6. In The Garden
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. The Old Rugged Cross
  9. Pass Me Not


  1. In The Shelter Of His Arms
  2. I Am Thine, O Lord
  3. Room At The Cross
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. He Hideth My Soul
  6. The Old Rugged Cross
  7. He Will Hold My Hand
  8. When My Saviour Reached Down for Me
  9. There Is A Fountain
  10. Blessed Assurance
  11. Standing Somewhere In The Shad

You Don’t Need To Understand

  1. You Don’t Need To Understand
  2. At The Crossing
  3. He Accepted Me
  4. From The Altar Of Repentance
  5. How Great Thou Art
  6. The Last Mile Of The Way
  7. Something Within Me
  8. Remind Me Dear Lord
  9. There’s A Way To Cross Over
  10. I’m Going Home

All these songs were downloaded for free from a Multiply site which is no longer active as of this time. If you love Jimmy Swaggart’s songs, I encourage you to obtain genuine copies of his albums.

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    Dear Friends,

    Could you, please, send to me these lists of those songs? I really love them. I would like to listen to them everyday. They are a blessing for my soul.

    Please, receive my greetings to you all in Jesus name
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I.)


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